Warning: This resource may contain references to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who may have passed away.

Episode 26 | Before Time : Barangaroo

  • Dance-off [Episode 26 | Before Time : Barangaroo]


    Dance-off [Episode 26 | Before Time : Barangaroo]

    Barangaroo and her friends are warned not to go near Mumuga country, and they discuss the nature of the Mumuga. To cheer up Mung they decide to host a cook-up. Barangaroo and Mani have a dance-off  to see who is the most worthy to carry the spear.

  • Yabbies [Episode 26 | Before Time : Barangaroo]


    Yabbies [Episode 26 | Before Time : Barangaroo]

    Barangaroo and Mung collect yabbies for the cook-off. When Barangaroo returns to the camp she finds that Mung has gone missing in Mumuga country, so she and her friends go searching for him.


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