Chores and punishment

[Episode 11 | 1908 : Evelyn]

Evelyn's brother Edward taunts her with the prospect that their father will punish her for being irresponsible about the fireworks. Evelyn needs to complete her chores by five o'clock. She is eventually saved by Miss Müller's generosity.


The Australian curriculum: History

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The Australian Curriculum: History aims to ensure that students develop: 

  • interest in, and enjoyment of, historical study for lifelong learning and work, including their capacity and willingness to be informed and active citizens 
  • knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the past and the forces that shape societies, including Australian society 
  • understanding and use of historical concepts, such as evidence, continuity and change, cause and effect, perspectives, empathy, significance and contestability 
  • capacity to undertake historical inquiry, including skills in the analysis and use of sources, and in explanation and communication.

History activities [1]

Activity 1: Corporal punishment
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Subtheme(s): Customs and traditions; Politics

As a class, research and discuss the changes made in legislation regarding corporal punishment in schools. Make a list of all of the discussion points and the opinions of everyone in the class regarding corporal punishment.
Useful websites to use as a starting point are:

  • Using the list of opinions from the class discussion, organise a debate where one side of the classroom is designated for students who agree with the opinion and the other side is for those who disagree. Read out each point from the list and ask students to move into the designated areas of the classroom. If a student moves from 'for' to 'against' or vice versa, they must justify their move by sharing their reasoning with the class.


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