Warning: This resource may contain references to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who may have passed away.

Teaching activities

The Teaching activities provide suggested teaching strategies to support the use of the My Place TV series in the classroom. Focusing on video clips and associated stills, the teaching activities reflect and support the Australian Curriculum objectives for studies in both History and English for years 3–6. Select an episode below and you will find a selection of clips and stills, suggested teaching activities and associated student activity sheets, and links to aligned resources. You can download the teaching activities and student activity sheets. There is also the option to access clips, stills and teaching activities grouped by theme and subtheme.

  • Episode 14 | 1878 : Henry

    Despite one failed invention after another, young Henry knows in his heart that he's a brilliant inventor. Against the advice of his friend Franklin, Henry conducts his biggest experiment ever … but succeeds only in blowing up the local schoolhouse.

  • Episode 15 | 1868 : Minna

    Minna lives with strict German-born parents who privately hope their young daughter's friendship with the well-to-do Owen children will do her some good. Minna's parents have no clue what these kids get up to when they're on their own.

  • Episode 16 | 1858 : Ben

    Benjamin's one wish is for his wandering American family to be able to celebrate a proper Thanksgiving dinner in their new place with a real roast turkey. But his efforts plunge him into escalating rivalry with a local Chinese boy, Leck.

  • Episode 17 | 1848: Johanna

    Johanna lives with her grandmother, Sarah. Johanna doesn't go to school. She has a job - every day she pushes a barrowload of potatoes around the town, delivering them to her grandmother's customers.

  • Episode 18 | 1838 : Davey

    When Davey, working as a stable boy for the powerful Owen family, learns that his favourite horse is to be sold to the local tannery, he puts everything on the line to save her.

  • Episode 19 | 1828 : Alice

    When Alice’s father declares a half-day picnic, Alice and George propose a pig race as part of the entertainment.

  • Episode 20 | 1818 : Charles

    Charles and his older brother John are both expected to work on their parents' farm. Charles loves it but John shirks work at every turn. Both boys will soon be sent to England to learn how to become refined young gentlemen.

  • Episode 21 | 1808 : Sarah

    Sarah, although still a child, works as a servant for the cold and demanding Mrs Owen. As if being bossed around by the lady of the house isn't bad enough, Sarah has to deal with that woman's sly and sickly daughter, Alice.

  • Episode 22 | 1798 : Sam

    Sam is a child convict, arrested in London for stealing a jacket. Now, having lived his whole life in towns and cities, he's sent to an isolated farm on the edge of the bush.

  • Episode 23 | 1788 : Waruwi

    Waruwi is an Aboriginal girl looking after her Nana while the rest of her extended family is away from camp. It's just for a day but what a day it turns out to be.

  • Episode 24 | 1788 : Dan

    Dan is on his second patrol to the Botany Bay area when he's asked to capture a local dog (a dingo) to take back to the colony's governor. The only trouble is, the dog in question belongs to Waruwi, the girl Dan befriended last time he was in the area.

  • Episode 25 | Before Time : Bunda

    Bunda has a problem. His older brother Garadi acts like Bunda doesn't exist. Will they ever learn how to stop teasing each other and become friends as well as brothers?

  • Episode 26 | Before Time : Barangaroo

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