Mr Wong's Emporium

[Episode 11 | 1908 : Evelyn]

Evelyn, Edward and Freddie try to replace the fireworks. They visit Mr Wong's emporium to buy a replacement box but find they can't afford it. They then try to obtain some gunpowder in an attempt to make their own fireworks.


The Australian curriculum: History

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History activities [5]

Activity 1: Multicultural Australia
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Subtheme(s): Multiculturalism,Politics,Social order and education
Activity 2: Mr Wong
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Subtheme(s): Multiculturalism
Activity 3: Currency
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Subtheme(s): Currency
Activity 4: The price of bread
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Subtheme(s): Currency,Food
Activity 5: Gunpowder
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Subtheme(s): Celebrations,Inventions and electronic media