Episode 20 | 1818 : Charles

Charles and his older brother John are both expected to work on their parents' farm. Charles loves it but John shirks work at every turn. Both boys will soon be sent to England to learn how to become refined young gentlemen.

  • Fencing [Episode 20 | 1818 : Charles]


    Fencing [Episode 20 | 1818 : Charles]

    Unlike his posh older brother John, Charles is enjoying building a fence on the farm. At the end of the fence line he encounters Liam, a convict who is on the run. Liam asks Charles to bring him some food and boots.

    The convict [Episode 20 | 1818 : Charles]


    The convict [Episode 20 | 1818 : Charles]

    Charles brings Liam some bread but only agrees to bring boots if Liam agrees to help him finish the fence. Liam tells Charles the story of how he ended up as a convict and of his dreams for the future.

    Being a lady [Episode 20 | 1818 : Charles]


    Being a lady [Episode 20 | 1818 : Charles]

    Charles' mother educates him on the difference between Sarah and 'a lady'. Charles steals some of his mother's clothes in order to create a disguise for Liam but is surprised when Liam uses the disguise to gatecrash Sarah's wedding.